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The power of the GOD is at work...

science +astrology+sanskrit will make you a real look to understand astrology.


 Astro logy  


stars position foretells your future

 Palm istry  


palm print or photocopy of palms or personally
lines,colour,signs etc. indicates nature & life map

Nume rology


birth date-month-year and name
the numbers in date and value of alphabets can tell about future and nature



birthdate,birth time,birth place
the actual position of planets added byayanamsha at the time of birthplace, date tell about the life



birth date,month,year
chins way to read about future

 Oldest Ramal  


just you have to tell any four no.s and name
ready made answers which match and create answer



VASTUSHASTRA-jalsodhan-murti-temple etc.
ancient book written by sage!! if match with your horoscope!!!



KARMAKAND-the way of puja
Brahmins  found out the five elements importance! which is gradually may be changed to dev panchayat!!



MEDITATION-to recollect peace the easy way.
this is a time in which human is facing stress more and more here is the way to realize within yourself!!



Time has come now just to order us on email for JANMAXAR.(for this you must send birth time birth place & birth date).It is simple to get it through email.Janmaxar is the base.With out janmaxar astrological prediction is not possible.we would like to suggest you this easy way.Avoide to take appointment or to spare time for quick taking decission.The image you can store or a copy.Even for consulting about many matters like horoscope matching & gen question about it!!Horoscope is useful at the time of marriage.You can even ask for small kundali.if you dont know about birth time-place-date you can choose other methods explained.Remember janmaxar is a important document which guide you and helping in making dicision

"RUBYi.e.manek is a great
ratna.This ratna is surya's nang. Surya is atma!It is very important
in horoscope.Those who have simha lagna - vrushabh lagna-mesha lagna-vruschik lagna they have yogakaraka.It is advicable to wear this in such
case.Remember ruby is a king."
"'Understand chemical combinations about the gems.Rahu-gomed is just near to the topaz if the brown color goes down to yellow.If you are using for guru what will happen?ask your self?Al and Si both are in topaz and hessonite'"

--Rakeshkumar Vyas